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Kapano residential RO system trouble shooting

Máy lọc nước tinh khiết RO USA Kapano 9 cấp lọc

Note: Turn off the system before servicing

Milky colored water √Air in system →Air in the system is a normal occurrence with initial startup of the RO system. This milky look will disappear during normal use within 1 to 2 weeks.
Noise from faucet √Air gap faucet

√Location of drain saddle

√Restriction in drain line

→Will disappear after system shuts down

→Relocate the drain to above water trap.

→Blockage sometimes caused by debris from garbage disposal or dishwasher

Small amount of water from storage tank √System just starting up

√Air pressure in storage tank is


→Normally it takes 2-3 hours to fill tank. Low water pressure and/or temperatures can reduce production rate.

→Add pressure to storage tank. The pressure should be 8-10 psi when the tank is empty

Slow production √Low water pressure

√Crimps in tubing

√Clogged prefilters

√Fouled membrane

→Add a booster pump

→Make sure tubing is straight

→Replace prefilters

→Replace membrane

Water taste or smell offensive √Post carbon is depleted

√Fouled membrane

√Sanitizer not flushed out

→Replace post carbon

→Replace membrane

→Drain storage tank and refill it overnight

No drain water √Clogged flow restrictor →Replace flow restrictor
Leaks √Fittings and pipes are not tightened or separated during usage

√Fittings are not tightened

√Twisted O-ring

√Misalignment of hole in drain saddle

→Tighten fittings and pipes as necessary

→Tighten fittings as necessary

→Replace a o-ring

→Realign drain saddle